2020 Scholarship Recipients

We are tremendously excited to welcome our first cohort of scholarship recipients. Each one of them shows incredible potential and promise as a future Asian American leader.

Anastasia Dai

UNC Chapel Hill ‘24

Anastasia is passionate about mental health and LGBTQ issues in Asian American communities. She plans to study biomedical engineering and explore the ethics of consumerism.

Ivan Emilio Sanchez III

UCLA ‘24

Ivan grew up in a half-Salvadorian, half-Filipino household. He has been actively engaged in criminology and Mock Trial, with plans to battle discrimination from the courtroom.

Natsumi Burde

University of Washington ‘24

Natsumi founded a high school club dedicated to creating space to talk about personal identity. She is studying Neuroscience and is interested in studying the science behind discrimination.

Sezim Minbaeva

University of Texas, Austin ‘24

Sezim was born in Kyrgyzstan, speaks Russian at home with her single mother, and is studying pre-med in hopes of opening a private clinic back in Kyrgyzstan.

Daniel Chen

University of Texas, Austin ‘24

Daniel is an avid wrestler, collector of narratives, and an aspiring legal scholar who wants to advance the role of Asian Americans through the court.